The Kreeger Museum

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Sisters really do have the best advice, and I’m lucky to say my sister’s knowledge of museums didn’t let me down when I visited Washington, DC and explored the Kreeger Museum last spring.

What really intrigued me about this museum was that it was originally a personal home. Covering over 5 acres of land, and set in a residential neighborhood, the space is filled with mesmerizing outdoor sculptures and modern art from artists like Henri Matisse, George Rickey, and Leonardo Nierman.

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The architect Philip Johnson designed the Kreeger house in 1963, and his use of space is astounding, as is his use of natural light and materials surrounded in nature. The artwork collection, from Alexander Calder sculptures to Monet paintings, adds to the appeal of this must-see museum. I kept thinking about how the home could be furnished. It would be great to find photos of how the owners lived in these spaces.

I love going to museums with our children, and thankfully the vast use of space made for a kid-friendly experience that we all enjoyed. Their favorite part were the large abstract paintings, while I was drawn to the bronze railing architectural detail. I wished we lived closer in order to take in the many exhibitions, lectures, and discussions ongoing at the museum.

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Recently, the museum featured on MSNBC’s Morning Joe due to Emilie Brzezinski’s newest exhibit. Her work and the original concept of space compliments her impressive large-scale wood sculptures. On the TV segment, you can get a grasp on the vast space of the museum. But I truly recommend seeing this Museum for yourself the next time you’re in Washington, DC.

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