I had the opportunity to work on a Roderick Romero Treehouse design that was featured on “Ultimate Treehouse Masters” last year on Animal Planet.  I used materials that would compliment the natural rustic beauty of the environment.  Comfortable seating, authentic warm Icelandic sheepskins, durable area rug paired with soft fabrics add comfort to this  meditative space.  A lit fireplace and a good book can turn any afternoon into a getaway. To top off the creativity, Lauren Booth’s circular and colorful Resin artwork highlights the wall that Pete Nelson calls “nature’s kaleidoscope”.

Here’s a clip from the show…enjoy…! http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/treehouse-masters/videos/this-treehouse-has-its-own-moat/

See Roderick Romero’s other incredible creations and his design vision here: http://www.romerostudios.com/home/

To see more of Lauren’s work, click on this link to her beautiful website here:  http://www.lauren-booth.com/index.html


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